Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Radial PZ-DI

The good folks at L.A Music are working to help musicians make the most of their music by providing them with the equipment they need as well as tips from the experts on how to get the most out of the gear.

We would like to share some tips from Radial Engineering regarding the Radial PZ-DI.
Many guitarists today are equipped with both piezo and magnetic pickups and switching between them can be difficult. A few years ago Radial Engineering and guitarist Dave Martone started working on a  project to develop a solution.

Take a  look at these videos of Dave Martone from his recent tour with Joe Satriani. Note how quickly he switched between tones!


To Purchase Online Visit: http://www.lamusic.ca/Radial-PZ-DI-Piezo-Magnetic-Pickup-Selector-DI-p/pz-di.htm
Radial PZ-DI Piezo & Magnetic Pickup Selector/DI
The Radial PZ-DI is a unique pedal designed to work with today’s new breed of electric guitars and basses that employ both magnetic and piezo pickups. It allows the artist to quickly select between pickups using the onboard footswitches.
There are two channels: one for electric and one for piezo. The PZ-DI will accept either a stereo ¼” TRS or two mono ¼” connectors. The magnetic pickup channel is class-A buffered and equipped with Drag™ Control load correction for optimum signal transfer. This innovative feature allows the user to adjust the load on the pickup so that it sounds ‘true-bypass’ as if connected to an amp without the usual pops and noise associated with true-bypass pedals. The electric channel is equipped with its own stage amp output and on-off selector switch.
The piezo channel begins with three position high-pass (lo cut) and low-pass (hi-cut) filters to tame the often brittle tone that is associated with piezo transducers. For greater control, the piezo channel also features a dedicated effects loop to allow an EQ or reverb to be added without affecting the electric guitar signal path. Since many artists employ a dedicated acoustic amp on stage, the piezo channel has a separate stage amp output plus a balanced low-Z direct box output to feed the PA system. Each of these is equipped with a ground lift switch to help eliminate buzz and hum caused by ground loops. The XLR out is also equipped with a polarity reverse to help phase align the PA, monitors and on-stage sound. Selecting channels is simply a matter of depressing the associated footswitch. Bright full-sized LEDs provide visual clarity under stage lights to show the selected channel. Even when off, the signal from both pickups are combined and sent to the tuner out for quiet on stage adjustments. The flexible design also allows it to be used as a simple on-stage instrument selector for those that want to switch between an electric guitar or bass and an acoustic or upright. Made ‘Radial tough’, the PZ-DI features 14 gauge steel construction for maximum durability and is finished in a rugged baked enamel finish. Powering comes from the included 15VDC supply. The Radial PZ-DI is a compact pedal that delivers efficient control of your guitar and lets you quietly feed on your stage amps, tuner and the PA system at the same time

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