Thursday, May 12, 2011

DR Strings Announces DRAGON-SKIN™

“…LOUDER than uncoated strings”

DRAGON-SKIN™, with DR’s proprietary K3™coating, is the first acoustic string to make NO apologies, and NO excuses. Players have said DRAGON-SKIN™ acoustic guitar strings have less unwanted overtones, more volume and greater articulation than standard uncoated strings.

Volume, clarity, and durability are all hallmarks of the new K3™ coating. 

Players say DRAGON-SKIN™ coated acoustic strings sound as good or better, and are louder, than uncoated strings.

DR named the strings DRAGON-SKIN™ because their effect on performance seems magical.

DRAGON-SKIN™ sets feature DR’s proprietary K3™ coating on all 6 strings.

DRAGON-SKIN™ sets are available in standard gauges:
DSA-11 (11-50), DSA-12 (12-54) and DSA-13 (13-56)

Player feedback includes:
“Coated strings are not supposed to sound this good.”
“You managed to make the first coated strings that definitely do not sound coated.”
“I’m not complaining. I just don’t understand how a coated string can sound better than my uncoated strings. Doesn’t that violate some law of nature?”